Our City campus keeps getting bigger and bigger. By the next academic year 2021, we will see all of our Science and Arts students on this campus. So, far we have a gym, ample sports facilities, canteen, research building and our arts and design students have made themselves at home for the past year. All in all, it’s really coming together. Keep an eye on the latest city campus news and planning here.   Advertisements Continue reading NEW CAMPUS


  As we have changed from DIT to T U Dublin, we obviously had to change it everywhere. Keep up to date on all platforms and follow these accounts; Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Graduate Network LinkedIn – Youtube –   Continue reading FOLLOW US

Cost of Living Guide

This is an important topic, and one that needs to be advertised every year. The cost of living is something that, unfortunately, we cannot control for our students coming to study in such a vibrant city such as Dublin. However, it is something that we can help you prepare for. The following is a guide to the cost of living for a student in Ireland for 2018/19 Student’s Living Away From Home Monthly (€) Annual (€) Rent (National – for Dublin see below) 430* 3,870 Utilities 35 315 Food 169 1,521 Travel 135** 1,215 Books  & Class materials 71*** 639 Clothes/Medical … Continue reading Cost of Living Guide

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International Orientation Week September 10 – 14, 2018

NEW students coming to us this September, if there’s one page on our website that you should be looking at, it’s this one. Too lazy to click on the link, then just screenshot this image and keep note of the important dates and times for YOU! Our student experience officer, Alicia, has put together a wonderful week full of important and fun events for you to participate in. The orientation week is not compulsory to attend but highly recommended. Please don’t worry if you got your visa late or if you are arriving a day or two late. We can … Continue reading International Orientation Week September 10 – 14, 2018