5 FREE Services You Need to Use @ TU Dublin


So, you’re almost a student  at TU Dublin. You may or may not be livin’ a student life/short on cash when you get here, if you’re not, eh what’s your secret?

Seriously though, if you’re an international student and have spent a lot of money to get to Dublin, which can be expensive AF (I KNOW). We want to help make life as simple and cheap as possible for you.

So, with that, here’s a short list of some services that you need to be using while studying with us.

Going to the doctor is never fun, and rarely cheap. Your health is your wealth and all that but you won’t have any wealth if you have to visit the doctor a lot. Luckily, we’re sound and have two medical centres in TU Dublin. One is located in Aungier Street and the other is in Bolton street. General Consultations with the Doctors and Nurses at the TU Dublin Student Health Centres are free and we also offer an array of specialized services at low cost.

We’re always banging on about how we’re career focused at TU Dublin and that’s because it’s true. We really really want you to have an amazing career. So, it’s only right that we have a dedicated career development centre. They are your one stop shop to offering you help in writing your CV, prepping for an interview, searching for specialized jobs that suit our grads.

Make friends with them when you get here 🙂

This is a very very important service that I hope all our students are aware of. You guys are unique in that most of you won’t have family here for support, so use this service if life gets tough. The TU Dublin Counselling Service provides support and help for you to reach your academic goals by providing a comprehensive step care model of screening, psycho-educational support and workshops, timely referrals to other services and where appropriate one to one counselling.

Our chaplaincy offers much needed services to all students. They offer mindfulness meditation sessions, peer mentoring,  which is a programme whereby 2nd, 3rd and final year students are assigned a group of 1st year students.  This programme helps fir‌st y‌ear ‌students talk through questions that they may have about their course, assignments and exams. You can check with either your course co-ordinator or chaplain to see if Peer Mentoring is running for your course. It’s very helpful for international students. And last but not least, the chaplaincy host some friendship lunches which is basically free food and chats 🙂

Disability Support Services at TU Dublin offer many support services tailored to your needs. The goal of the Disability Support Service is to ensure that no student with a disability experiences an educational disadvantage in accessing, fully participating in, and benefiting from, educational opportunities at TU Dublin.


OK, I know I’ve given my 5 free services, but here’s a bonus. Always use our WiFi, don’t be wasting your own data!

Got a question on any of the above? Leave a comment below.







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