FAQ For New Students!

So, you’re about to come to study with us! And you have 101 questions and there’s so many things to ask and figure out, you don’t know where to start! I hear ya…

Well, I’m going to try make things easier for you with a list of frequently asked questions and hopefully you can cross off a few from your list!


  1. When can I register as a student with TU Dublin? You can register as an international student with TU Dublin on Monday the 9th of September 2019. Check out this link for the specific times relating to undergrad, postgrad and our erasmus/exchange students.
  2. When and how can I register with INIS? This is the most common question we get. After you have registered with TU Dublin as a student and given us your GDPR form,  we will then issue your medical insurance cover which will be emailed to your student email within 3 to 4 working days after registration. Then, you can book an appointment on the Irish Natualisation and Immigration Service website. 
  3. What will I need to bring to register with INIS? You will need proof of your medical insurance (which we are sending to your student email, remember). You will also need to request a student verification letter from DIT (which you can get from the International Office or the Student Service Centers) Please request the letter at least 3 working days in advance of your appointment with INIS and the letter must be in date of at least 7 days of your appointment.
  4. When Can I open up a bank account? As soon as you are a registered student with us, you can open up a bank account in any bank that you want to bank with. Shop around for free student banking options and if it’s all too much, drop in to the AIB branches available too on campuses.
  5. How much money will I need for living in Dublin each month? Please take a look at our guideline for living expenses for an international student here.
  6. I’m feeling really nervous about coming to Ireland on my own. What if I’m homesick and need someone to talk to? It’s perfectly natural to be nervous, but did you know we have a counselling service at TU Dublin. They offer walk ins and live chats on Google hangouts too. There’s always someone ready to listen and help! We also have a great chaplaincy service at TU Dublin that host friendship lunches, has peer mentoring and so much more. Please do check them out!
  7. Where can I live? Well, you can live anywhere you like. As TU Dublin is located across the city, make sure you check to see where your campus is located and you can begin to search around that area, if you want to be really close.  We have a dedicated accommodations office that can assist you in finding student style accommodation. Check out the campus style accommodation we have on offer here. Alternatively, you can search for privately rented accommodation on our student pad database.
  8. Can I live with a host family? Yep, the option is available but on a first come first serve basis. Please email hostfamilies@dit.ie to find out about the availability of your new Irish mammy and daddy. Or register on the TU Dublin student pad to gain access to some host family details.
  9. How do I access my timetable for my programme? This is a popular question before students arrive. Your academic/programme coordinator will be in touch with the exact date for your programme induction. Typically it’s the week after our induction so you’re looking at the week starting 17th of September. During our induction, we have two ‘Help With Timetable’ sessions on Thursday the 13th of September for all students. See image of itinerary below. Again, if you’re not able to attend, please don’t worry, here’s a useful link on how to access your timetable on your own…
  10. I haven’t heard from my programme coordinator, what should I do? Every course in TU Dublin has it’s own coordinator. Their name and number are on the bottom of every programme web page. You can find our full list of programmes on our website, search your programme and email or call your coordinator. Go on, don’t be shy!!!
  11. Can I work while I’m studying? Our Bachelors and Masters students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week while studying and 40 hours a week when you are on your holidays (Easter, Christmas, Summer etc) Don’t burn yourself out though. Here’s a link to the academic calendar 2019 2020 to know when you are on breaks. Unfortunately, our Foundation students aren’t allowed to work while studying on their foundation programme. You will need a PPS number (Personal Public Service Number) to work.
  12. How do I get my PPS number? You will need a student verification letter from DIT. Proof of address and proof of ID. For centers in Dublin, you may need to make an application online. Please read the how to apply for PPS on the Department of Employment Affairs website.

Still have a question? Please ask it in the comments section below so we can all learn!

Looking forward to meeting you all in September 2019.




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